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Due to the vast variety of fabrics that we use for your custom items, it is impossible for us to colour run test every possible combination. If you have chosen strong/vivid/different colours together then please be aware that they may run unless you take the precaution of putting 4 colour catcher sheets in your washing machine when washing. For best results, wash on it's own without any other items

  • ALWAYS read the care label
  • All of our items are machine washable unless the care label specifies 'wipe clean only'
  • It is absolutely essential to ALWAYS use a colour catcher when washing custom items that have strong/different colours. It is impossible for us to colour test all the different combinations that a customer may choose and we will not be held responsible for colour runs. We have never had a problem with an item washed at 30 degrees with a colour catcher sheet
  • Do not Tumble Dry or iron unless the care label states that you can

If a fabric is found to be faulty after colour run testing at our workshop then we will refund or replace (at our discretion) the item within 6 months of when you first received the item, as required to do so by the Sale of Goods Act 1979. If however the product has been used in the rain and has colour run, but has not been found to colour run through normal washing then we will not refund or replace the product and are not responsible for colour run as a result of rain as this is out of our control.

Please Note: Where necessary, we are now colour run testing offcuts of the fabrics that your product is made from before we put the product together. If you product has been colour run tested by us, the test pieces will be enclosed with your order to show that they did not run when washed alone on a 30 degree wash with a colour catcher. As we are only testing small pieces we will only use 1 colour catcher. If the fabrics are found to run we will advise you of this before we go ahead and make up your product. It may be that we pre-wash the fabrics for your order seperately before putting it together or it may be that we advise against putting the two fabrics together at all.