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It is very important when choosing your fabrics that you think about the possibility of colour run

All of our denim is pre-washed on a hot wash here by us before being made up into a product however, as with a pair of dark jeans, denim will always run. It is therefore essential that you take extreme care when washing your products.

  • Always use at least 2 colour catchers, 4 if very strong colours and/or put an old towel in the wash to soak up any excess colour
  • NEVER wash higher than 30 degrees, wash even cooler if possible
  • NEVER tumble dry

Colour run is not just limited to the denim. Any of the strong colours could potentially run. We are now taking the precaution here of colour run testing swatches of your chosen fabrics together before we make up your item.

If we find that the colours run then we will pre-wash the stronger colour and then re-test the swatches together before making up your item. If it is found to run still, we will advise you not to put these colours together.

If your fabrics have never been tested by us before then the test pieces will be enclosed with your order for your reference.

Having taken these precautions of testing the fabric swatches at 30 degrees with colour catchers before making up your product and sending it out, you the customer are then responsible for washing your product following the instructions given.

If you do find that your product has suffered from colour run, you could try the Dylon colour run remover, available online.