• Description

As we are a custom made company, nearly every single item we make is different and it is far more time consuming than mass producing the same item

Orders often involve initial queries via phone or email where we may spend time discussing fabrics and design with the customer

For each item we have to select the correct pattern, find the correct fabrics and cut the order which can take 15-30 minutes

A footmuff for example consists of up to 6 pieces of fabric and each piece is then prepared to wadding

Any appliques or embroidery are then added to the item and this can take up to an hour

The zips are then put onto the footmuff and the process of putting it together begins which takes approximately 2 hours

In addition to the above there are supplies to order, accounts to do, emails to answer, telephone enquiries, maintenance and more

We strongly believe that we produce only the highest quality items and we take our time with each and every item to get it just right

This is all reflected in the cost of our items, which are usually competitive with other mass produced items that you may see several of

It would be extremely rare for you to see an identical Snunkie, other than where we have been requested to make identical ones by the customer