Deposits & Instalments


Can't pay straight away?

 Don't worry, you can pay us in instalments!

The Rules

  • You must pay a minimum of £10 to hold a ready made item
  • You must pay a minimum of £20 for a custom made Items so that we can order the fabric in. This deposit is non refundable once we have ordered the fabric
  • You may only hold one item at any one time
  • Items will be held for a maximum of 4 weeks. After which time you will lose your deposit if the item is not paid for


How to do it
  1. Add the product you require to your basket and checkout using the 'Bank Transfer' option so that your order goes through but you haven't paid for it
  2. Take a note of your order number from your email receipt, and put an instalment through below, stating the order number
  3. Keep paying instalments as and when you can and once it is paid in full we can start on your order


Please Note: There is an additional charge o £0.50 per transaction to cover the costs we are charged for allowing you to pay in instalments


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Deposit & Installments

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