About Snunkie


What do we do?

Snunkie create quality, designer, custom made to measure accessories for your pushchair, special needs buggy or wheelchair, for children and adults, with all your requirements in mind

The Range

The Snunkie Range includes a huge variety of products & designs including Footmuffs, Buggy Liners, Hoods, Head Huggers, Strap Pads, Wheelchair Accessories, Bags, Special Needs items and more, all designed to be as functional and as funky as possible

I started creating the Snunkie range at the beginning of 2006 out of sheer frustration. I could never find the right product, in the fabrics I wanted, to do the job I wanted it to do. Being a Mum of 3 children at the time, with the youngest being just 2 months old, I had been looking for the perfect business that I could set up and run from home. There were plenty of companies out there making footmuffs and other accessories, but I wanted to be able to include every possible functionality into my items, making them good value for money, and most of all I wanted them to fit properly and be in the colours that I wanted.

We are now in our eleventh year of business and have sold custom made items as far afield as Australia, USA and even Japan, as well as all over Europe and the UK. The majority of our business is by recommendation from our existing customers which we feel is a huge compliment and we pride ourselves on our reputation.

I now have 4 children aged between 9 to 16 and as you can imagine it can get pretty hectic sometimes! But with the help of my staff, we are running a successful & rapidly growing business

Quality Assurance

Here at Snunkie we concentrate on quality, not quantity and the focus is on workmanship and safety

We use a variety of different fabrics from regular suppliers and we use heavy use industrial machines
All items have Designer and Care labels where required
Our 4 way reversible, 2 way opening zips are custom made for us and conform to the required safety standards
We will not produce budget items meaning we would have to use low quality goods, and we will not make any item that we know or feel would jeopardise a child's safety in any way

Where did Snunkie come from?

I'm often asked where the name Snunkie came from. It was my then 5 year old who came up with the name. I asked him what Mummy should call her business. He looked at me thoughtfully and then disappeared off upstairs, to come back with a comforter he had. He said 'I know, we can call it after this'. I explained that it already had a name, Kaloo, and that we couldn't call Mummy's company that because it was someone else's company name. He then exclaimed quite matter of factly that it wasn't 'Kaloo' and that it was his 'Snunkie'. I checked the internet for the name and it wasn't being used for anything, and so Snunkie was founded!